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Tin Toys & Wind-Up Tin Toys have been treasured through the years. Wind’em up, and let yourself go.

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Thank you for putting your trust in  Tin Man Tin Toys, LLC.  We purchased the company from its founder, and have been growing now for about 10 years.  We want you to shop around for your tin toys, because then you will discover our straight forward pricing and professional service – no gimmicks – no double talk.

Tin Man Tin Toys are sold primarily over the internet, both retail and wholesale.  Because buyers expect quality, we inspect each toy before shipping. That practice also lets us experience the actions and antics of these treasured creations.  Come, and smile with us.

Tin Toys & Wind-Up Tin Toys are fashioned from tinplate by master craftsmen from around the world, just as they were in years gone by.  Look carefully at the colorful lithographics.  Then, bring them to  life using the wind-up key or battery-operated mechanism.  Choose from tin robots, vintage tin toy cars, and reproductions of classic carnival rides and tin toy circus performers… and that’s just the beginning.  Enjoy your journey.

Tin Man Tin Toys, LLC,  tries harder to provide great service, and we promise to protect your privacy.  Our website is user-friendly, and we accept a variety of credit cards, money orders or personal checks.  Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

Please remember that tin toys are sold primarily as collectors’ items for adults. They are not intended as toys for young children. Thank you for visiting our old-fashioned tin toy shoppe.

             We appreciate your business, and “we act that way.”