The Privacy Policy of TinManTinToys, LLC 

 By choosing to do business with TinManTinToys, LLC, you are expressing confidence in the way we do business. Paramount to our relationship is your ongoing security and privacy.  Therefore, we promise to safeguard all of your personal identification information, now and forever.

     We collect and share information about you so we can serve you professionally, as you expect. Your information is shared only as permitted by law, and as a matter of routine business practices, e.g., to service your account, provide legal compliance and/or for tax reporting purposes. We also use the information to keep you advised and to develop the scope of our business.  From time to time we may use excerpts of your correspondence for marketing purposes, but we will never disclose your full identity or contact information to others.   At times we also might use information or statements you provide us to be quoted, giving credit where credit is due, but only with your express permission.  We do not give other persons or companies access to your information, period.  Without exception, we will never give or sell your information to any other person, company or agency.   Since we have a substantial market beyond our Missouri, USA, location, we honor any additional rights you might have to the fullest extent possible under laws of other states or other countries.

     All our credit card transactions are secured using SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer). When processed through PayPal, your credit card information is encrypted through PayPal, and is not transmitted to us.  If you prefer to give us your credit card information directly, it is accessible only to our staff for the sole purpose of processing your order or answering your requests. Your records are secured either on security coded computerized records or in locked files, and are available only to authorized staff.

    We are happy to provide the following “Courtesy Links” for your convenience and protection:

           Better Business Bureau

           The Federal Trade Commission

           International Consumer Protection

     The effective date of this “Privacy Policy” is September 7, 2009, but it is reviewed and updated consistent with changes in law and/or common practices.  Please contact us if you may have questions or concerns about this or any other aspect of our policies and practices:

TinManTinToys, LLC
     U.S. Mail: 2224 E. Cherryvale St., Springfield, MO 65804
     Phone: 417- 880-4688