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Carnival Tin Toys & Circus Tin Toys

Get ready to be entertained.  Then, tell your friends about the great time you had.

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Circus Tin Toys & Carnival Tin Toys

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Carnival Tin Toys include many classics. You may choose from a variety of wind-up carousels, all  with gorgeous lithographics.   Likewise, the ferris wheels are beautiful, some with wind-up mechanisms, and others that are crank-operated. We even have one musical ferris wheel that is truly a collectors’ item.  Be thrilled anew as you climb aboard.
Next, look at all the Circus Tin Toys.  Listen to the crowd roar, as the Ring Master shouts, “Ladieees  and gentlemen, cast your eyes to the center ring…”.  The Circus tin Toys are replete with human and animal performers.  See the elephants, bears and monkeys accomplish unbelieveable feats. The clowns will hold your attention with antics befitting the Big Top. And there’s more…
 Enjoy your journey through our  “Carnival Tin Toys & Circus Tin Toys”, and please remember that tin toys are sold primarily as collector items for adults. They can have sharp edges and removable parts that could pose a hazard for young children requiring supervision.