Tin Toy Robots On Parade

Tin Toy Robots are the new favorite among tin toy collectors.  They are designed by artisans from around the world, and are nothing short of ingenious.

 Scroll through, and select your favorites for detailed descriptions.

Tin Robots & Toy Robots on Parade

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 These action tin toy robots are usually wind-up or battery-operated, but that isn’t even the beginning. All of them move, of course, and we have a full range of sizes and activities.

The wind-up tin robots represent Venus, Mars and the moon, if you want, but we also have a couple of lady robots who seem more accustomed to earth.  The wind-up robots walk and spark and move their arms to and fro.  Now add some batteries, and bring on the lights, and sounds and spins and flashes. Some buyers even remark “OMG”.

Start your collection today, because the new technology is bound to create tin toys that think and talk, or maybe even obey your commands or sass back. (Some of that is available now, but not at the right price point).  Check out our parade of tin toy robots, and take your imagination on a joy ride. Please remember that tin toys are sold primarily as collector items for adults. They can have sharp edges and removable parts that could pose a hazard for young children requiring supervision.