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Tin Toy Airplanes and Space Toys

Tin toy airplanes and space toys are fascinating and inventive. They come with windup and lever-action mechanisms. Choose from airplanes, helicopters, rockets, flying saucers, spaceships and aliens.

Scroll through, and select your favorites for detailed descriptions.

Tin Toy Airplanes & Space Toys

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Back in the day, when my Uncle Joe gave me my first wind-up tin toy, it was just a month or two past the attack on Pearl Harbor. Airplanes were foremost on everyone’s mind, and tin was soon to be rationed. The toy was named “G.I. Joe and the K-9 Pups”. Really.  We survived, and so did tin toys.

Today, my favorite is named “Lunar Rocket”. When wound up, it rises to a launch position, and a ladder drops to the ground, revealing astronauts up in the bay.  A real keeper to be sure. Then you will want to check out the “Martian Invader”, or protect yourself with a “Cosmic Blaster”.

Enjoy your journey through our  “Tin Toy Airplanes & Space Toys”.  The airplanes are fabulous, but beware of close encounters. Please remember that tin toys are sold primarily as collector items for adults. They can have sharp edges and removable parts that could pose a hazard for young children requiring supervision.