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Improving Trade Between the U.S.A and Canada

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Did you know that the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada are working on actions to improve cross-border business at the largest shared border in the world.  It is intended to align regulations and create economic opportunities for both countries.

One other issue they might address is the high cost of postage going across the border, either direction.  Often times, it is the high cost of shipping and handling that prevents increased commerce between the two countries. 

All our best wishes to our Canadian friends, who experience this when ordering Vintage Tin Toys from us on the internet.  If you agree that these shipping costs are too high, contact us at www,tinmantintoys.com.


Check Out These Robot Action Toys


                                                     Battery-operated, action-packed tin toy robot   Mega Chief Robotman

This robot is one of the most popular battery operated robots ever made. Its large, sturdy body is an exacting replica of the Japanese original by Yoshia (1960′s). Mega is loaded with action, powered by 2 D-Cells. He stands 12″ high, and he functions with a stop n’go action, turning his head with spinning antennae and lighted dome.  See all of our exciting robots now:


Vintage and Classic Toys Gain Ground

According to the Toy Industry Association, Inc., it’s back to basics for many toy makers. An abundance of nostalgic, vintage and classic toys are being re-introduced. The best-loved items of generations past are grabbing hold of today’s generation.

Vintage and Classic wind-up tin toys are gaining in popularity.  Look for some of your favorites at tinmantintoys.com

Remember the RMS Titanic Steam Ship

Water-worthy tin toy model of the steamship Titanic

One hundred years ago, April 14, 1912, the unsinkable RMS Titanic steamship slammed into an iceberg, and sank into the ocean.  Some 2000 voyagers were lost in the disaster.  Tin Man Tin Toys, LLC,  is proud to offer a tin replica of that fabulous  4-stack oceanliner.  In fact, our tin toy model is powered by steam, generated in its own little boiler.  See it now. You will want one for your collection.

Homemade Tin Toys